mexico arrival

after a little shaky of a descent on the airplane, we landed. we were instructed to fill in some forms for arriving in mexico, but the airline ladies didn't do a very good job of explaining it, so i ended up needing new copies of both sheets because i messed up so bad...
finally we were in mexico! we had been looking forward to this moment ever since diana's mom and step dad offered to give us this trip as a wedding present (by the way, what an amazing gift, huh? diana and i are so blessed to have them in our lives!). we stepped out into the cancun heat and tried to get our feel of the place. we fairly easily found the bus we were supposed to get on to go to our resort. after a couple minute wait for anyone else who was on our flight going to the same place, we headed to our hotel: the moon palace!
(more pics)

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N!chole said...

I hope you had fun, just dont bring back the swine flu!