mexican mexican

i was exhausted after all that travel and the strangeness of waking up in 30 degree weather and then laying out in the sun at a pool by the afternoon. so we headed back up to the room where i took a twenty minute crazy power nap (you ever have one of those naps where you have really crazy lucid dreams? thats what this one was!).
when i got up we were hungry, so we headed out to dinner at the mexican place, called 'bugambilias'. the food was amazing, and a guy even came over and made fresh guacamole right in front of us!
each night at the resort there were shows put on for anyone interested. one night they had a pirate show, one night they had a mexican dancing show. that particular night there was a show at 8:00, it was a michael jackson impersonator, so we walked around for a bit and then got to the show in time to see him do his thing- he was really good too!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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