the honeymoon begins

monday morning it was an early wake up- dont want to be late for the honeymoon! sunny riviera maya, here we come!!!
we were up and at em by 3:00am. we got ready and packed up all the luggage in the car. by 3:30 we hit the road and headed out to o'hare airport, chowing down on our donuts on the way. by 4:30 we were in the parking area and ready to roll, we waited briefly for the bus in the cold, i forgot to take off my jacket in the car (dont really think i'll be needed a jacket in sunny mexico!), just as i was about to run back and put it in the car, the bus came so i was stuck with it!
after announcing what bus stops were coming next (so stop 5 is really the next one after 4?!? no way!),the bus brought us to the tram station. we hopped on and headed to the airport. we quickly checked in and got our tickets, passed through security, then found our terminal. we chilled out for a while there, i pulled out my computer and put all the photos from the day before onto it, diana started to read the book she brought, 'blue like jazz'. finally by seven we were on the plane and shuttling to our place on the runway.
we got in the air and even got an in flight movie! 'ghost town', it was pretty funny. you know how airlines used to give out peanuts? no more! i guess the airlines are really strapped for cash, because they no longer provide any food for travelers. we were starving so we bought a lunch box to share. it was very small and overly expensive, but it hit the spot. i didn't get any sleep on the trip, but i was too excited to care!
(more pics)

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