pools and busses

8:15 we wake up from a full night of sleep, something i haven't had for well over a week! it was still a bit early for breakfast, we had ordered room service to arrive at 9:30. we walked down to the lobby to get change for a twenty so we would have some ones to use as tips through out the day.
the food came soon after we returned, so we had a seat and enjoyed our breakfast together. diana was chomping at the bit to get back out there in the sun and lay out by the pool, so we got our suits on and went down. this time i was thinking ahead and brought my book. we found a perfect spot that had two chairs, one in the sun, and one in the shade. after a quick sunblock lathering up, we had a seat and got to reading and enjoying the morning. we both hopped into the pool a time or two, even took an opportunity to swim up to the pools bar and enjoy a 'miami vice' drink. i went to the lobby to cancel our time share meeting while diana stayed out in the sun.
after about an hour and a half in the sun, diana called it quits, so we went back to the room. we were about to get ready for the day and shower when the power went out. we still got ready, but that made us sure we wanted to go somewhere else for the afternoon instead of stay around here! the two o'clock bus to the shopping center was what really caught diana's interest, so we grabbed a bite to eat at 'palapa fragata', the seafood restaurant down by the pool. finding where the bus left from, we walked down there and awaited its departure. the bus took us past the water park and past a couple different resorts that we can go to, next up was the shopping center where we were planning on going.
(more pics)

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