a summer past

i have successfully finished the first week of school. granted, it was a short one, but it still took some effort to get through. its always fun to start a new year, get to know the new homeroom, start over with all the lessons and stuff. its certainly one of the best parts of the school year (you know, aside from the summer part...).
for some reason though, i not as excited as i was last year at this time. i think i know why. i think its because i had a really great summer! last summer was good, but i didnt really challenge myself, or grow last summer. this summer i did a lot of things i havent done in a while, and i really got to spend a lot of time working on relationships with friends and family. i spent a bunch of time in michigan, which i always enjoy. but, as strange as this may sound, the highlight of the summer was spending a lot of time with jeffry lee. its kind of cheesy, but its true. i havent been able to connect with a friend like that in far too many years. the thing is, he has a habit of challenging himself with big-picture questions and always thinking on a larger scale, and its been rubbing off on me. this summer we often talked about life, love, and God. sometimes i get caught up in my own life that i forget to ask questions and challenge myself.
i would have to say, this is the first summer in a while that i feel better at the end than i did at the beginning.

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