a night at the museum

friday i met up with a friend and we decided to head over to the art institute of chicago. it free on friday night, so it was a no-brainer... i hadnt been there in quite a few years, so it was really cool to be able to wander the halls once again. the institute has many works of art that are world famous, such as 'american gothic,' 'nighthawks', and 'sunday in the park.' there were some really cool works of art, including some great etchings of the 'gates to Paradise', and a really cool lincoln statue!
after the art lesson was over, we headed down to millennium park and checked out the new orleans jazz band that was playing in the outdoor theater there. it was some groovy music, and there were actually quite a few people dancing around and loving it.
of course, we had to stop at ginos east for pizza! that has to be one of the greatest restaurants in the world! two slices, and i was stuffed to the rafters!

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