guests: the rest of the week

after rex left, it was just jeffry lee and i. feeling deep pangs of sadness over his departure, we spent most of the day wailing in agony. once we recovered, we decided that one p'zone a weekend just wasnt enough, so we ordered another batch and got some videos to watch. we decided on a daniel tosh comedy concert video (which was hysterical!), and a direct-to-dvd movie with morgan freeman and john cusack called 'contract'. it was fairly lame. we watched tosh, tmnt (which i reviewed here), contract, then it was sleepy time.
when monday rolled around, we rolled out of bed. we got ready and decided we should take a visit to the ol' interweb; check out what was going down in the land of cyberspace. so we spent a few hours at penara bread. at seven o'clock around and we packed up and hit up the movie theater for a showing of 'stardust'. it was really good, by the way. afterward we went back to the video store to return the movies and get a couple more. actually, we got one movie (pathfinder) and a game (legend of zelda: twilight princess, for the wii). got home and spent a couple hours playing zelda. and it was sweet! also, since the weather was so nice, we decided we should go for a walk. it was a really great time, in fact, our conversation on that walk was probably the highlight of the visit.
tuesday, after watching 'pathfinder', we paid a visit to borders bookstore to pick up a new collection of sci-fi short stories to read together. it was a phillip k dick collection. jeffry lee picked up 'mere christianity' on my recommendation (best book ever!) and a new journal. we needed some grub in our bellies, so we stopped at bennigins. while there, jeff had a strange impulse that he really needed to hear a song from the sixties about summertime. we searched high and low and finally found it in a cd collection at best buy. then it was back home to play us some more zelda!
wednesday was a short one- i wanted to get home in time to see a 4 o'clock showing of 'borne ultimatum' with my dad, so we got up, packed, and were out of there by 12:15. the ride home was good, and it was nice to finally get rid of jeff. actually, i called him later that night just to chat. i must admit, i missed the big lug...

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