the drive home

on sunday i headed back to indiana. it was a great weekend being back in grand rapids. first i went out to sandy pines and had lunch with the whole family, gram even came out. the weather was a bit rainy, but not too bad.
on the way home i was minding my own business and suddenly, out of nowhere, a dashboard light blinked on! but just for a second, trying to be sneaky as if i hadnt seen it. but i had. it turned on again a couple minutes later. i wasnt entirely sure what to do, not being a car guy and all. so, i did what anyone in my position would do: i called jeffry lee! he knows a bit about cars, so i figured i could relly on his knowledge to get me through.
it was a coolant light, so he said i had to let the engine cool and put some more coolant into the engine. well, getting the engine to cool takes about 45 minutes to an hour. so i got really familiar with that particular shell station... actually while i was waiting my brother called and we talked for about a half hour of it.
once the engine was cooled, i tried to pour in the coolant and it was not at all interested. it turns out that the engine was fine, no coolant needed. argh! still not quite sure what it was, but i figure it might just be the sensor is having issues, or from all the rain i was driving through getting it wet. oh well, i got home safe.

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