the brinktionary

for a long time i have always claimed that my dad is weird. not a bad weird, just weird. actually, i completely take after him in my personality and sense of humor. so, i guess that makes me weird by default too, which im quite fine with.
well, one of the things that i have always loved about my dad is that he has a vocabulary all his own. growing up we always thought these words were quite normal. much to our surprise, no one else in school understood what we were talking about when we would use one of these words. i soon learned to keep these words to myself, to avoid the confused looks others would give when i would use them.
after letting these words slip once too often among friends and at work, i figured i should show these words the respect they deserve. i have decided to start cataloguing these words and defining them as well, so that when i use them there might not be so much confusion.
so, without further adue, i would like to introduce the latest entry into the 'poke it with a stick' community: the brinktionary!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, this is too funny, but so true! Dad & I had a good laugh reading this!!

Love ya,