the race is on for the new school year to begin. this is the last week of summer vacation for us. when ever the last week rolls around, i find myself in the same position every year: crap! ive got to get going on decorating my classroom! ive decided to decorate the room in cartoon characters this year. last year it was superheroes, and the year before that was video game characters. but im only doing characters that are sidekicks. (dont worry, it really does make sense. trust me). ive got a few finished already, but im mostly looking forward to my favorite of the bunch: launchpad mcquack! if you dont know who that is, then you are missing out on a lot!
here are some more pictures of works in progress. ive still got a bunch to do yet. its going to be a busy weekend...

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triciac said...

Sky High...did I get it, did I get it?!

LOVE that movie!