comic con

i am really looking forward to this weekend. rex and jeffry lee are coming down to visit, and we are going to the one and only: wizard world comic book convention!
ive been there many times over the years. back in middle school i was really in to comic books. that passion carried through high school. when i was old enough (and my parents trusted me enough) i drove down to chicago, by myself, and attended the show. i had an awesome time, but was quite intimidated, mostly because i was trying to navigate chicago by myself, and then all the craziness of the convention center alone too. ive gone back four times since.
now, one important thing to understand is that there are a lot of people there who are really into comics. not just kind of into comics, i mean like full blown obsessed! part of the fun is just seeing all the freaks in costumes (which are usually very ill fitting...) and laughing. a couple times i went with a bunch of friends and we figured it would be a lot of fun to dress up ourselves. but with a twist: we wanted our costumes to look totally crappy! we headed down to meijers and got white t-shirts and markers, the proceeded to poorly draw superhero logos on them. one year aaron made an especially terrible spiderman design, and then proceeded to wear a pair of adult size spiderman underoos over his pants the whole day. we had a blast, and people would actually stop us to take pictures! hah!
im looking forward to it this weekend. rex wasnt able to come last year, and jeffry lee has never gone, so it should be quite a treat.

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