monday i went downtown chicago. it was rainy and icky, but for some reason we went anyway. i always enjoy going downtown and being a part of the crazy hustle and bustle of the city. we walked the magnificent mile (if you are not familiar with chicago, the magnificent mile is the main shopping part of downtown). one of the places i always like to visit is the 'virgin megastore'. they have two floors worth of movies and music. aaron always loves going there because of their great selection of techno vinyl records. well, we came to find out that the place closed! it just up and moved on us. i made sure to shake my fist at the empty space that used to house it. sadness. sadness.
we ate at a cool place called 'rock bottom'. they had some great food. i think we picked a strange time to eat because we were literally the only ones in there when we arrived! as the meal went on the place filled up pretty good, but for about 15 minutes the whole join was empty! quite strange...

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