new way to rent

i finally came back home this week. you know, got bills to pay and stuff. ive been keeping myself busy with some tv (got to catch up on all the stuff my tivo recorded since i left). one cool thing i noticed this week when i was getting my groceries was a big red vending machine type thing. i stopped to check it out, and its one of those new dvd rental things. its filled with about 50 different dvds that you can rent for a buck each! not bad! they even have all the latest releases and stuff. i figured id give it a shot, so i selected 'the number 23', and 'the proposition'. they actually played perfectly. i brought them back earlier today and figured 'why stop now?' so i got a couple more, 'renaissance', and 'shooter'. not a bad deal, a rental at about 1/4th the price, and no annoying membership card to worry about! granted, its not quite as cheap as the library (free), but it will do.

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