aarons party

last night was a crazy one. all week aaron had been hyping a party he was planning for friday night. it was meant to be a group birthday party, aaron, bethany, myself, and another guy from his work all have birthdays within a week or two, so this was sort of a 'cover all' type celebration.
i picked up rex and jeff, we grabbed a bite to eat and stopped at the store, then it was off to aarons. the party was a bit of a mash up between aarons coworkers, and his friends. we first got there and it was slightly awkward; we didnt know them, they didnt know us. after a while things got better. kooch soon showed up, followed soon after by adam. one of the highlights was that molly was also there. we got to really talk about a lot. it made me realize that i never appreciated her as much as i should have when she was around.
the party soon got into full effect. there was dancing, rule making (quickly followed by rule breaking), and a lot of laughing. a couple of aarons coworkers made and brought their own brew, and were certainly enjoying the fruits of their labor...
near the end of the night there was even a pinata to swat at out back. it was a hilarious sight: it was pitch black outside, they were blindfolded, spun, and tipsy. lets just say that it took them many swings, some of which resulted in falling to the ground, for anyone to even come close to hitting it! i couldnt stop laughing. it was great.

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