waiting on harry

on friday night i happened to find myself in a rather odd place: i was one of the crazy people waiting in barnes and noble till midnight for the last harry potter book.
i know many people did this, most of whom were dressed up like characters from the book (which was quite a silly sight, to be sure), but heres the thing, ive never read any of the harry potter books. i happened to be out for the evening with a friend and she really loves those books, so over dinner we decided to go and check out the fun and frivolity that was going on. we got there around 9:30pm, and decided to stay. there were silly games going on, and cheesy crafts that could be made. we didnt bother with those. instead we spent the next three hours just milling around the store wondering the isles and discussing different books we had read. she was an english major, so she was able to give me some good ideas for what i should read next, which i thought was really cool.
finally, around 12:45am we got to the front of the line, and she bought the new book. on the way home i tried to read the last page of the book, but i decided against it when i almost got smacked in the face for it...

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