the grill out

tonight we had a blast! jeffry lee and i were talking last night about what we could do that would be different than just going to a movie or just going to a bar.
soooo, i came up with an idea, and we did it! my parents were gone today so everyone came over here to have a backyard grill out! we went and picked up some meat and buns, rex came over and brought with him his backyard badminton set, and we had a great time! now, this doesnt seem to amazing or exciting, i know. but for us, this was something totally new- we always to see movies, or go out to eat and end up at fridays and chill for the night. its a big change for us. jeffry lee grilled up some hamburgers and brats for us (admittedly, the first batch didnt turn out so well because we were still trying to play badminton instead of watching the grill...) which eventually turned out great. and then we just sat outside and chatted the night away. we did try to get one more game of badminton in, but it was getting too dark and we werent able to see the shuttlecock at all anymore.after a bit steve had to head out to a previous engagement, but the rest of us continued the lighthearted banter inside (ya know, where you can see stuff at night...).
i hope we do this again sometime!

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