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today was another fun day with the guys. this after noon i picked up rex and we headed over to dustys house. he and his wife just closed on it yesterday, so they were busy at it cleaning up and trying to figure out where to put everything! it is a nice house, needs a bit of work because its quite out-of-date, but a grand first home. oh, and its got a hot tub- thats enough, really.
later in the day we headed over to aarons place. he got a new couch and tv, so we figured we should give it an inaugural run. we rented a really crappy movie (dont worry, we knew it was bad before we got it, we were just in the mood for some mst3k action). we were not disappointed... actually we were cus the movie sucked hard.

anyway, it was great to see aaron again and his new living room accouterments. we talked, we mocked, we laughed. a good time was had all around. except for jeffry lee because he was a dill and didnt show up. im not bitter. much.

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saravan said...

we're bitter. you ditched us for the guys.
okay, we're not bitter. much.
Hope you come on Friday.
saravan and skips