the b-day

yesterday was a lot of fun. i got up on time and had lunch with my grandma. she just recently moved into one of those 'senior resorts' type of places. hes perfectly healthy, but has been wanting a new place and more community since my grandpa died a few years ago. it was a really nice place. later on i stopped over at baker books, a favorite of mine. they always have a lot of cool books, and its like a book warehouse, so theyve got tons to choose from. then i visited my other grandma who is in a home. shes really healthy at 91, but she doesnt remember anything very well. a usual conversation with her involves me telling her where im living now and what i do for a living at least 12 times each. but thats ok, because she is still so spunky and happy to be alive.
for dinner i met up with my parents, sis and bro-in-law and their kids. it was a good time (once the kids stopped nagging about when the food was going to come). we then headed over to a local library where adam was performing his storytelling. no one in my family had ever seen him perform, ive tried to explain it to them, but its really something you have to see to understand. jackson loved it! he was captivated and laughing the whole time. jaidy lasted about 10 minutes, then she got toally freaked out! i took her into the other part of the library for the rest of the show. afterward we talked with adam a while, and then my family headed home. jeffry lee and cary, dustys wife, were there as well. after the show we all went out to fridays together, as well as adams dad. we had a great time talking and sharing silly stories about everything from power outages to how true some of adams storytelling stories really are. we ended the night with a stop at adams house.

all in all, a really fun birthday!

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