r. e. m. (no, not the band)

ive been trying to break my sleeping habbit this week. its been tough going. not necessarily because its been hard, but because when my alarm goes off, its been a struggle to not just turn it off and roll over. usually that would be crazy because i would be late for work. but, i dont have to be to work until the end of august. so, the motivation is gone.
*beep* beep* beep* 'ugh, maybe ill change my sleep schedule tomorrow...' is usually how my thoughts go after that first alarm goes off. last night i hopped in bed at 11:30pm and fell right asleep. the only problem was that at 4am i was wide awake again. ugh. so i worked around the house and kept busy. but then around 1pm i crashed and fell asleep again. woke up at 5:30pm and realized that this is going to be a rough week...

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