the 4th

this 4th i went out to sandy pines to be with my folks. if you dont know what sandy pines is... well, its kind of tough to explain. its kind of a campground, but its also kind a trailer park. its built around a lake, has beaches, people come and set up tents, but there are also those who have single wide trailers in their lots with built on decks. oh, and everyone drives around in golf carts. it really has to be seen to be believed.

i digress. my parents have a place out there and they live there during the summer (which is always nice when i come up to visit during the summer because i get their house to myself). my sister and brother-in-law have a place out there too. i headed out there for the 4th, to hang out and enjoy the holiday. i spent some time helping around the place, bringing trash to the dumpster and the like, and then went over to my sisters and played with the kids. eventually it was dinner time, and all my parents friends (and a few of their kids who i used to hang out with) all came over and we grilled out. it was a great time, the food was good, and it was awesome to reconnect with some of the guys i havent seen since i went off to college.
at the end of the night i headed back to my parent house. it was unfortunately too late to meet up with any of the guys before the fireworks started, so i just headed back to the house. i was playing on the computer when i started to hear the fireworks go off. i figured i might as well, so i went out on the back deck and sat and watched (mostly listened to) all the fireworks that were going off. it was actually quite relaxing and enjoyable. not the most social way to watch the light show, but i had a good time none the less.

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