strange dreams

for a couple nights this week i have had a rather strange dream. now, the dream wasnt the exact same both nights, but it did revolve around the same topic: going back to school.

i dont mean going back in august to continue teaching, but rather, quiting my job and going back to college full time. these have been really strange dreams for me, because ive been out of college for over six years now. the dreams have gone like this: i am back at dordt, and for some reason i have decided to give college a second go-round. i am unpacking in a dorm room (for one dream i was just a regular student, but for the other i was going back to my position as a r.a., or c.a.) and seeing a few people i remembered from college and kind of telling them 'yup, looks like im back for a few more years!'. i dont have any desire to go back to school, let alone full-time, but for some reason these dreams have made me wake up incredibly happy and disappointed. i get a joyful feeling from the dream and the excitement of the life lived in the dream, but then i am disappointed when i wake up to realize that im back in my crappy old bedroom in the same place i was when i went to sleep.

i guess im not entirely sure how to process these dreams. im wondering if its just a sense of nostalgia on my part, or if its just boredom with where i am now, or if its something bigger.

i may have to ponder on this one for a while...

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