a night at the movies

earlier this week i met up with the 'lost' gang. there are a bunch of us who get together each week and have dinner and watch lost. unfortunately, we have quite a while until there are new episodes (not until february 08!), so we figured we would get together anyway.
we met up and langels and had some pizza. i got to meet one of the guys fiancee for the first time (good job sir, by the way).
after dinner we walked over to the town theater in downtown highland. its a cool old movie theater. its one of those old school movie houses, its only got one theater, and it plays more independent type stuff. they were showing 'waitress', which turned out to be pretty good (well, anything with nathan fillion will be good, so i shouldnt have been surprised...).
the theater itself is whats cool though. the inside has a crazy 'medieval times' type feel to it, there are shields on the walls, and there are a couple suits of armor in the front. its also really stinking old! its run by an old couple, and they havent put too much money into it, and it shows in the shady seats (the originals from when it was built in the 4os!). but one of the coolest features of the theater is its intermission. yes, they have an intermission! about an hour in the film shuts off, the lights go up, and everyone heads out to the lobby where cake is waiting! at each show they offer free cake to everyone who came. how cool is that? it is truly a fun experience, and we had a great time.

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