the runaround

this afternoon i headed out to sandy pines to hang out with my nieces and nephew. i didnt have much time, they wake up from their naps around 4, and i was meeting up with the guys at 6. we had a great time, and i taught jackson the musical score of 'the planets'. not bad for a 5 year old, huh?
met up with jeffry lee and rex and we went to best buy. i left disappointed because they had sold out of season 10 of stargate sg1 (seriously, there are that many geeks out there who like stargate sg1 to sell out? who knew!). but i did pick up the newest album from silverchair called 'young modern', i am hopeful that it will rule. i also got the latest album from my guilty pleasure group- hanson. laugh if you must, but you are the one missing great music, not me.
after that we headed over to barnes and noble to look for a new book to read together. jeffry lee and i have been on a bit of a sci-fi short story kick, as i mentioned. so we scoured the ray bradbury section and found a couple copies of 'the october country'. hopefully it will be great. they only had two copies, so we headed to the other side of town to check the other book store, but no luck on a third copy. eventually we went to logans for dinner (great steaks by the way) and had a much-needed discussion about what has been going on lately. there has been some frustrations lately that needed to be aired. with a gameplan in place, we should be ready for the end of the week.
we headed back to jeffs and rex left soon after. i stayed and chatted with jeffry lee for a while longer, which is always a great time.

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