in mich again

tee hee... (that title cracks me up, even though its quite stupid)
any way, i headed back up to the great lake state on monday. i actually got a call from my folks monday afternoon asking me if i would like to meet them in michigan city for dinner (its about 45 minutes from where i live, and about an hour and a half from where they live), and they didnt even know i was planning on heading through there anyway! i met up with them, and a few of their friends at a really good buffet. quite tasty. after that i headed over to jeffry lees place and hung out for a while until the standard monday night gathering at founders. on our drive i got to introduce him to the comedy cd of daniel tosh, which he said he loved (good, so its not just me...). we hung out at founders for a while and then headed back to jeffs place and chatted for a while longer. we talked a lot about sci-fi books, which is my latest obsession, and a perennial favorite of his.
tuesday afternoon i finally got a much needed haircut. jeffry lee suggested that i actually spend a couple more bucks and go to a place that isnt 'super cuts'. boy, am i glad i did! the place i went to was a real haircut place, with people who have been doing this for more than three months. i felt pretty fancy, i made sure to keep my pinky finger up the whole time i was there... im glad i went there too, because it looks really good (im not just tooting my own horn, i had several compliments on it, honest). in the evening all the guys got together and went to see transformers, which was totally awesome! (i write about it here). afterward rex, jeffry lee, and a couple guys they went to school with, and i went to fridays for a little post movie grub. it was a lot of fun, there was much lively discussion and light hearted banter to be had. then, jeffry lee came over to my place and we watched a few episodes of 'undeclared', which is hilarious!
its certainly been a blast here so far, and im sure it will only get better.

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