story time

monday morning adam stopped by and picked me up. he had a storytelling gig, and i was lucky enough to be asked to be his co-pilot for the trip. he and i headed down to northville, which is kind of in the detroit area. he had a gig set up to play at the local library there.
it was a lot of fun! it had been too long since i had seen adam last, and its always a special treat to be able to spend a day with him.
we made good time and (asking for directions a few times) we arrived at our destination. we had some extra time to walk around the town before the show, so we took in the sights. it soon became apparent that this was a really affluent town. we stopped in this cool little clothing store that had some strange stuff. adam found a crazy pair of pants and sandals that caught his fancy, but he wasnt sure if it was what he wanted, so we figured we could stop back after the show.
we headed to the library and he prepared for the show. all the kids and moms filed in and he performed for about an hour. adam did a great job, as always, but the kids were really rude during the whole show. afterward i asked adam if this happened a lot. he said it usually only happens in the towns where everyone is rich. i guess those kids arent taught manners quite as well. you know, that whole sense of entitlement and all...
after the show we grabbed a bite to eat. we went to poole's tavern and i had what has to be the greatest turkey sandwich on the face of the earth! it was truly a thing to behold. after much thought reflection, adam finally caved and we went back to that little shop and he bought the pants and sandals. granted, i did encourage him, but they looked totally cool so its ok.
the way home was just as much fun as the way down. eventually we arrived back in good ol' g.r. he dropped me off, and later that night we met up again at founders with all the guys.

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