this afternoon i spent much of the day trying to figure out what version of the days plans were actually going to happen. i believe there were at least three sets of plans with different time lines that were it play at one point or another. after the coordination headache, we settled on our plans.
rex and jeffry lee came over to my place and we chilled until show time. at 6:15 we headed over to the theater and met up with kooch and aaron to take in a showing of 'superbad' (which was really funny). after the show we went to fridays for some eats. with all the schedule changes that went on, unfortunately one person was accidentally left out: molly. she had been waiting at fridays since 8:00, our original meet up time, and was sitting there alone for almost an hour before we showed up. oops...
we had a great time talking and laughing and enjoying ourselves. once dinner was over we headed over to the local pool hall establishment. we shot some stick for a couple hours and had a great time. there was a lot going on, and it was fun to just sit back and take in all the strange nuances as they happened. im am a really crappy pool player, so i paid little attention to the games as we played. i think for the whole night i only shot in one ball. thankfully my partner, molly, was not too concerned so we didnt mind getting our butts kicked by everyone else.
post-billiards, jeff and rex hung out at my place for a bit. there was chatting and chilling. all was well.

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