pros and cons

saturday was glorious! rex, jeffry lee and i went to the chicago comic con. we got going fairly on time and got there around 1o:00. it was truly a sight to behold! it was jeffs first con, so we had to baptize him with fire! we entered into the con floor and it was breathtaking.
the place is broken down into three sections: first the publisher booths, where companies like marvel and dc have all their latest wares on display; then comes all the vendors, the people who are selling all kinds of comics, toys, belt buckles, posters, skulls, etc. finally, there is what is called the 'artists alley' where anyone who self-publishes their own stuff can set up a booth and commission drawings, sell comics, or sell prints.
we took our time and meandered all over the huge convention floor, zig zagging up and down each isle looking for different goodies. rex was always on the lookout for anything 'venom' related, i was scouring for anything to do with 'hellboy' or 'stargate sg1', and jeff was just happy to follow along.
it was a great time taking in the sites. the best part of these things is always the super-high nerd factor! there are always tons of people who go all out and dress up in crazy costumes and stuff. part of the fun of going is seeing the ridiculous lengths people go to to pay homage to their favorite comic characters. one of the things that made me laugh the hardest was when a saw a guy with tons of comic character tatoos. the reason it was funny was because all of them were for characters that are no longer around! they were characters that were big in the early 90s, but quickly faded into oblivion once their publishers when out of business. sucker!
by the end of the day i had racked up a pretty good haul: i got a few toys, a couple books, and even got to chat with a friend of adams, and creator of a really funny cartoon: angus oblong! (if you dont know the cartoon, you should totally check it out! the dad is even voiced by will farrel! there are quite a few clips here on youtube- check em out)
oh, and there are tons more pictures here ,here, here, and here.

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