guests: the weekend

this past weekend rex and jeffry lee came down for a visit, and boy did we have fun! the reason for the visit was the chicago comic con (as writen about below). they came up friday night. they were a lot later than anticipated due to jeffs paranoid obsession about making sure he got all his work done before taking a vacation. when they arrived they were hungry, so we picked up some food and spent the rest of the night talking and watching crazy tv shows like 'mind control with darren brown' (which is really cool!)
saturday was the convention. afterwards we stopped at target to get 'hot fuzz' to watch that night. while we were there we got into a rather silly mood. we started talking funny with silly voices and wound up creating a very strange character, but it doesnt matter. stop. we got back to my place and ordered some pizza hut (p'zone- yummy!) and watched 'hot fuzz' and then followed it up with 'reign of fire'. by then we were exhausted and called it a night.

sunday rex hooked up his playstation 3 he had brought with him (its usually against the rules to bring any non-nintendo gaming system into my house, but i made a rare exception...) and showed us some cool movie previews and game demos he had downloaded. he played a game called 'the darkness' which i didnt really care for. around 4pm rex left to go pick up angus oblong from the comic book convention to bring him to grand rapids (how exactly this came about is still a strange mystery to me).

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