sick ward

yesterday i went to the hospital. not because i was hurt, rather, to visit a friend. last weekend she got bit by a spider or something on her let. didnt think anything of it, but by wednesday it had gotten pretty swollen. so, she went to a doctor and had it looked at. he cleaned it out and dressed it. friday she went back in to get it redressed, but instead was told that she needed to stay in the hospital because they thought it looked infected. yikes! she had to stay saturday night too, but its looking a lot better, so she hopes to be out today.
i stopped in and visited her. i figured she was probably bored, so i brought a couple old issues of some magazines i had, and i brought the quiz cards from the game 'scene it'. shes just as into movie trivia as i am, so we had a good time trying to stump each other! we kind of forgot to keep score, but im quite certain that i won. though she is just as sure that she did. i figure that all the drugs they have her on are messing with her memory...

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