pirate adventures

it had been a long week and the weather wasn't the best, we had all been cooped up for way too long and ledger was getting antsy.  diana was exhausted from a full morning with his running around, so i wanted to give her a break.  i bundled him up and the two of us went outside for a little while.  we had gotten him a pumpkin for halloween (blue, of course?), so he grabbed that and brought it outside with us.  well, i put him to work right away picking up all the pine cones and gathering them all into his pumpkin.  he loved having a chore to do, something he was responsible for.  i helped him spot all of them and by the end his pumpkin was overflowing with pine cones!  we wandered around the whole house a time or two exploring and playing around.  his game of choice was pirates- i would be 'captain daddy' and he was 'first mate ledger'.  we were on a search for treasure!  my favorite part was that we came across the pile of brush that i had cleared out over the summer and he pulled out a stick from the pile and decided it was it was mr. stick- he was going to join us on our adventure.  the rest of the time he would consult with mr. stick and ask him where we should go next!  mr stick, by the way, was really impressed with our collection of pine cones.
(more pics)

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