wormy balloon!

mom had to do some shopping including a visit to the dollar store for a balloon.  she has a friend at work with a birthday and wanted to bring in a gift and stuff for her.  ledger and i tagged along, but as soon as he saw the balloons he was obsessed!  the whole time we were there he kept running around asking if he could touch the balloons.  finally his mema relented and actually bought an extra balloon for him to bring home and play with.  spoiled rotten, i tell ya!  he picked the one that had little figures that looked like smiling worms?  i have no idea what they were supposed to be... he got it home and was playing with it in the living room but got quickly annoyed with the fact that it would float all the way up to the ceiling.  the string was long enough for him to reach, but he would still get mad at it.  'daddy, make it come down.  i don't want my wormy balloon all the way up there!'  he would tug on it, it would come down then float back up.  'no!'  poor guy, those wormies are never going to listen to you...
(more pics)

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