the park next door

though it was starting to get a bit cold, we decided that ledger needed to spend some time outside.  well, it was not so much a decision as it was a necessity- ledge was bursting with so much energy that it was driving us nuts!  we took him across the street to the school to show him the playground.  he had never been back there before, so he was beside himself with excitement when we turned the corner and he saw it behind the school!  he ran toward the equipment and wanted to go on everything all at once!  he had to be a little patient though, considering i was in a brace and crutches, so it took me a bit longer to hobble over and help him up on everything.  thankfully diana was there too, so she walked ahead of me and played along with him on the different equipment and swings!  after about an hour the sun was going down and the wind was picking up, so we tore him away from the slides.  he wasn't very happy to go, but he was clearly exhausted, so he didn't fight too hard.
we will certainly have to come back here often- he went to bed really easy that night!
(more pics)

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