weekend visit

its about time for another visit to grand rapids.  if we wait much more than two or three weeks between visits, my mom gets anxious and starts to demand that we bring her grandson up to see here!  well, who are we to argue?  it had been a while since we got to see the kids too, so we met up with them and jill for a quick lunch to start off the weekend.  it was a pretty nice and relaxing weekend, well, as much as a jam-packed weekend can be relaxing i guess!  ledger always loves to see his cousins, pestering avery and telling them all about it.  i tell ya, that kid doesn't stop talking!  the whole weekend was a great time, but having to wear my brace did make the whole thing a bit more challenging.  the kids were intrigued about the whole thing though.  it took all of their will power to not steal my crutches and play around with them all weekend!  they do seem like fun, so i can't blame them there...
(more pics: 1, 2)

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