mac and me

so... i've been commuting to work for about a year and a half now.  we've been living in south bend while i still work in highland.  this has been annoying.  these two places are 62 miles apart.  that means that every day i drive 124 miles both ways.  sounds terrible, i know.  but it hasnt really been that bad (i'm lying).  it takes about an hour and a half each way, which gives me a ton of time to listen to my podcasts!  thats the upside, the downside is that i never get to see my family.  i would leave for work around 7:00 in the morning, and get home around 7:30 at night.  if there's good traffic and good weather.  on the roughest winter days, i have actually left around 6:00 am and gotten home round 10:00 pm.  those were some rough ones...  all this is to give you some background for this story:  so i was on my way over to the rental property to show it to some perspective renters when my car broke down.  i managed to get it all the way to the duplex, but just barely.  this becomes a big problem because now i dont have any way to get home.  i had been planning on staying the night in the empty rental that night anyway, so i actually had a bunch of extra clothes, an air mattress, and a few other things i might need.  our other car hasnt been working either, so diana coming to get me was out of the question.  if someone came to get me there wouldnt be any way for me to get back to work, so i just hunkered down and planned to wait it out!  thanks to the generosity of my coworkers who where willing to pick me up and bring me back each day, i ended up stuck alone in an empty duplex for the rest of the week.  without any simple ammenities like plates or forks or hot water, it became a challenge.  fortunately i had my computer and some handy dvds of macguyver, otherwise i would have gone insane!  finally on friday diana borrowed her mom's car and came and picked me up- it was so nice to see her again, i cant even tell ya!

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