see the game, eh

every once in a while we get a random call from miranda and levi to do something.  its usually pretty standard stuff like 'hey, lets meet for dinner', or levi will ask 'can i come over and hang out for a while before work?' (his work is only about two miles from us and his house is about 15, so if he's in the area and has to kill an hour before work, its the easier alternative).  but this time when they called it was a bit more interesting: 'hey, do you want to go see a hockey game?'  um, ok!  i haven't seen a hockey game in forever and it sounded like something fun and different, so we said 'sure!'.  it was a notre dame game in town, so we met up with them there.  we got in and the seats were actually really good.  we were only about two rows up and right near the goal.  we had a great view, close enough to see their faces as they played and everything!  i know i'm not a big sports fan or anything, but its different watching it in person than on tv, its actually fun and interesting when you're there.  the game was great and we had a good time even just walking around the arena and checking everything out.  we were probably a bit under dressed though, not that we needed to dress up more, we just should have put on more layers- that place was cold!  who would have thought a building with an ice rink would be cold?  i know, it blew our minds too.  the game did go on a little bit longer than it needed to, after about the second period our interest had waned...  but still, it was a really evening and a great way to spend some time with friends!
(more pics)

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