my beauty

so, every once in a while it just hit me. its like my eyes are opened up a bit bigger for just a moment and i get a glimpse of the bigger picture, of the whole thing.  a realization of the special in the mundane.  it happened recently.  i was just hanging out and enjoying the company of my wife and friends, and then it just hit me like a ton of bricks:  my wife is beautiful.  not just pretty, but gorgeous!  she is a stunning woman who i somehow conned into marrying me.  how did this happen?!?  i'm just a poor overweight shlub who watches movies, how did i win the favor of such an angelic beauty?  when she gives me that look and flashes me her secret smile that's just for me- my heart skips and my mind stammers.  i feel like i stole something valuable and i'm still waiting to be caught.  how did i get away with this?
now, don't get me wrong, my wife isn't just beautiful on the outside, she is an amazing woman with strong convictions, a vast intellect, a deep heart, and an abiding faith.  she is not so much my equal, but my better in so many ways.  this i know.  this i an able to appreciate and understand every day.  but i sometimes forget that she is also the most beautiful thing in all of creation!  i get used to it because i see her everyday, so it takes those special flashes, those momentary revelations, for me to remember 'oh yeah, she is a stunningly perfect beauty!'
i could continue to ask 'how did i get this lucky?'  but instead i will just say 'thank you'.

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