hero in a half shell

halloween is coming up soon and ledger is starting to understand what that means: that means candy and costumes!  last year he wasn't interested in it at all, so we weren't entirely sure what to expect this year.  we asked him what he would like to dress up as and he gave us all kinds of great answers, but eventually decided that he would like to be a turtle.  so, we headed to the store to see what we could find.  we found a really cute (and cheap) turtle costume for him and i had him try it on in the store.  he loved it!  so we brought it home and he got to show it off to mama and the grandparents.  his interest in it soon waned when he realized that he couldn't pull his own head into the shell like a real turtle.  oh, he was so disappointed!  if he can't do that, then whats the point of being a turtle?  you make a strong argument, son.  once he made that realization, the costume held no appeal and was tossed aside rarely to be played with again.

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