a play date for ledger and diana

diana's good friend from growing up lives about a half hour away and she has a little boy who is only a little older than ledger.  she and her husband came by a time or two over the summer and the girls would talk about trying to do that more often, so the boys can spend some time together and play.  well, we are making good on that now!  we invited sarah and little shawn over to play and they had a grand old time!  ledger always loves to have someone to play with, he got to show shawn his toys and the two of them had a blast playing with them and running around!  shawn is the perfect counterpoint to ledger: ledger is loud and talkative, where as shawn is quiet and doesn't talk that much.  we hope that the two of them will rub off on each other a little bit, ledger can learn to be a little more reserved and shawn can do a bit more chatting.  we all had a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again soon- in fact we already made plans for the next play date!
(more pics)

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