back again

i know it seems like we were just up visiting but that's only because we just were.  no, its been a couple weeks since our last visit, its just that not much has happened since last time!  this time, though, its just the guys.  diana had the opportunity to go and visit lissa and help her out for a little while, so i told her to go and ledge and i will head north just the two of us.  she felt bad about not coming along, but i insisted.  she gets to visit my family so much more often than she gets to visit lissa.  i took friday off, so we headed up a bit earlier in the day so we could enjoy the whole afternoon up in grand rapids.  ledger was a-ok with that!  after taking a nap in the car, he was thrilled to see his mema... and her toys!  he pulled out a constructor set and wanted to play with them.  jackson had build a car out of them and so ledger had fun playing with that for a bit, but then he found the instruction booklet and it showed a picture of how to make a robot- oh, he was all about that!  'daddy, can i make a robot?' he asked excitedly.  well, they are a bit complicated for him, so i had him help me build it instead.  the hardest part of building it was finding all the scattered pieces it needed!  eventually we got it all put together and he loved it!  he played with that thing for hours, showing it to mema, then showing it to me, then even showing it off to the dog!
we had a very nice rest of the weekend, including a great much-needed discussion with time and jill about the future.  i think there may be some big changes coming soon...
(more pics)

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