ouch, my knee!

i got to make a special visit to the hospital recently...  the weather was nice outside so david and i decided to get going on a project that i had been procrastinating on all summer: replace the soffits and fascia on the house.  (if you don't know what those are, don't feel bad, i didn't either!  its the stuff that covers the sides and bottom of the roof overhangs on a house.  your welcome.)  we were doing a great job, getting them up and getting the house looking pretty good.  the overhangs were really easy from the deck, it was only about 8 or so feet up, but as we got around to the sides of the house it got a bit trickier.  over on the side its more like 12-14 feet up.  well, it just so happened that as i was climbing it, the ladder decided that it was done.  it twisted and i came crashing on top of it, falling to the ground.  at first i was just a bit surprised by it, then i started to feel a strong pain in my knee.  i stayed down on the ground for a minute until the shock passed.  it started to feel a little better (well, not really, its just that the adrenaline kicked it and so i couldn't feel the pain as bad), so i got up and walked it off a little bit.  we finished the piece that we had been working on and then we packed it up for the day.  as i was bringing tools back to the garage the pain started to get worse and worse.  i asked david to take care of the rest of the equipment and i headed inside to sit down.  i put my leg up a little bit and just rested for a while.  the pain still wasn't terrible or anything, it just hurt a bit.  after sitting for about a half hour i tried to get up.  that's when the pain really hit, oh boy!  i could still put a little wait on it, but i figured i probably shouldn't...  diana kept asking me if we should go to the emergency room and i told her i didn't think it was that bad, it would be ok.  i was wrong.  after about another hour the adrenaline had finally wore off, i guess, because the pain really hit and i got dizzy, hobbled to the bathroom, and threw up!  ok, maybe its time to go to the emergency room...  we got there and i got to take a little ride in a wheel chair! wee!  we only had to wait about 20 minutes or so, they called us back, took a look at it and decided to take an x-ray of it to really figure out how bad it was.
when they got the results back they had some good news- it wasnt broken, nothing was torn or sprained, i had just strained a ligament in my knee.  i was given a brace and crutches and told to stay off it for a few weeks.  alright, that's not bad, i can handle that!  i have never had to use crutches before, so this should be pretty interesting.

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