disc is the thing

i had a few hours to kill, so i gave the guys a call and we met up for the afternoon.  none of us really had anything in mind to do, so jon spoke up and said that he would like to go to the disc shop.  jon is obsessed with disc golfing, so this suggestion wasn't much of a surprise...  we headed over and when we got there the front door was locked.  jon was so disappointed, thinking we had arrived too late.  just as we were about to get back in the car, the owner comes up and unlocks the door- what luck!  so we headed in and checked out what they had to offer.  this place was a complete mystery to me, i have no knowledge of disc golfing and all its accouterments, so i just wandered around and looked at all the pretty circles, having no idea what any of it was.  jon had been in there many times, so he knew the owner a bit.  he struck up a conversation and asked him if he had gotten in the latest this-and-thats and what-nots.  turned out he had gotten the latest what-nots in, so jon proceeded to get a couple of them.  good for him... i think.  jeffry lee picked up a couple this-and-thats as well, then we were on our way!  (by the way, i have no idea what jeffry lee is doing in this picture, so don't ask me...)
they were both so excited to use the new things they had gotten, so we then proceeded to find a disc golf course and play a round.  i might not know anything about it, but i do really enjoy playing- even in my crutched state, i was up for it.  i played most of the holes, but called it quits before we got to the end.  i had a seat and the guys came to pick me up when they were done with the course.  it was a lot of fun and i look forward to playing again when my knee is better!
(more pics)

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