steely james

barbara has been dating james for a while now and he is a really cool guy.  so cool, in fact, he is actually in a band!  diana and i had never seen him perform though, so when he invited us to a gig recently, we were all for it!  in fact, diana's mom and david were even up for going!  miranda was nice enough to stop by and watch our boy for us so all four of us could go to see the show.
i had never been to the bar that they performed at, but it was a pretty cool place.  it was in a basement, but was actually pretty large and nice.  we got there a bit before the show so we could pester james for a while, you know, try and get him nervous and riled up.  it didn't work.  once they started playing it was great to hear james in action.  he is the lead singer and keyboardist for the band.  the band is called 'babylon sneakers', they are actually a cover band dedicated to the music of steely dan, which is james' favorite band.  i was at a disadvantage with this though, you see, i don't actually know any steely dan music.  so as far as i knew, they could have written all the songs themselves and i would have been quite impressed!  as the night went on there were actually a couple songs that sounded familiar, so it wasn't all unknown  i guess.  it was a lot of fun, at one point the girls even got up and did some dancing and rocking out!  barbara was loving the whole thing, being a great groupie girlfriend.
i hope we will get to see them perform again soon!
(more pics)

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