ledger's first snowman

as we finally get our first major snowfall of the season, so begins ledger's all consuming obsession with snowmen...
every time there was even a little snow falling he has been wanting to get out there and make a snowman.  the reality of going out and making one was always going to be pretty bleak for poor ol' ledge:  his mama hates the cold and would flatly refuse to go out in the snow with him, and his daddy was always at work during peek outside time (also known as 'daylight'...).
well, finally the weekend arrived, so saturday morning as he was eating his banana for breakfast i whispered in his ear those words immortalized by the 'frozen' soundtrack: 'do you want to build a snowman?'  his eyes lit up and he was giddy with excitement!  he jumped off the couch, leaving behind his favorite cartoon, and ran for the coat closet.  after the twenty minute process of bundling him up, he waddled to the back door and we went outside to play and explore in the snow!  he wasn't exactly sure how to build a snowman, but that didn't stop him!  after a couple detours of snow angels and running around like 'a fast little gingerbread boy', we got to work crafting his very first snowman.  the snow was good for packing, so i showed him how to make the three big snowballs to put together to make a snowman.  after we got the body, he wanted to go exploring to find some eyes, nose, and arms for his new snowy friend. after we rooted around in the bushes for just the right arms, we picked up some rocks for eyes and another little twig for a makeshift nose (he wanted a carrot, but we were fresh out...), we assembled the snowman, which we decided should be named 'stan'.  he was so proud of that little snowman!  even after we went back inside, for the rest of the day he kept wanting to look out the window and point and wave to his new buddy stan!
(more pics)

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