a few of diana's friends had made plans to go out for a shared birthday celebration and invited us to join them.  we asked, and james and barbara was more than willing- eager even- to take ledger for the night so we could go out.  we brought him over to their house to drop him off, and ledge was thrilled about the opportunity to spend the night with his auntie!  we got there and the first thing ledger wanted to do was play with james' drums (can't blame him there, its fun to hit stuff!).  james had it all set up from the last band practice, so ledger ran over and started rockin' out!  james turned on the microphone for him too, which ledger was thrilled with!  he hopped on the chair and say into the mic '1, 2, 3, 4!' and then proceeded to bang around on the drums like a true rockstar!
after a rousing concert from our little one man band, we headed back up stairs, got him a bite to eat, and got him ready for bed.  we got to hang out with barbara and james for a little bit, then we said our goodbyes, and were off!  unfortunately the friends actually cancelled earlier in the day, but that just meant diana and i got to go out for a night on the town just the two of us!  thanks barbara and james- it was much needed!
(more pics)

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