working for a living

i say im going to every year, but this year i finally did: i got a summer job. i just finished my seventh year of teaching and i have never worked during the summer. my summers are a blast as a result of it. typically i just hang out, watch too many movies, go visit up to grand rapids whenever i please, stay up late, and sleep as late as i want. it is my opportunity to not feel like an adult. needless to say, it is wonderful. each spring i convince myself that i will get a job for the summer, and when summer starts, i never do anything about it. usually i have no intention of actually getting one, i just say i might to make it sound like im attempting to be a productive member of society. but instead, i opt for the lazy route.
well, not this year! last monday i started my first summer job. im working the midnight shift at the local grocery store. its a lot more hours than i was anticipating (35), but i guess its good for me. i guess if i expect to get married i should probably be able to provide for a wife, thus the main reason for finally biting the bullet and getting a job.
and, oh, the job is a treat! first of all, im still trying to get used to the sleeping schedule. im not sure if its better to stay up when i get home and sleep until i go to work, or if i should go straight to bed after work, and get up around 4pm. second, the people i work with are a real treat... i guess there is a reason that most of them are on night crew. they are not exactly the social butterflies one might expect... they rarely talk, and when they do its just to complain. delightful, i know. im pretty sure most of them graduated high school, but i have no proof to back that up. the best part? here was my instructions for the first day of work: the guy who was supposed to train me said 'uh, help those guys.' and thats all i got out of him all night. i have experience with stocking in a grocery store, so i just did what i remembered. i figure if im doing something wrong they will tell me. or not. oh well, im only there till the middle of august, i guess i can put up with anything if i know that there is an end in sight...

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Jill said...

Love it!! Welcome to the realy world my friend. I was wondering if the day would ever come that you would get a summer job! I am proud of you. It is great to hear you tell about the job in such a positive fashion. But as the saying goes-sometimes love hurts....!!!!