tired of tires

ive been having some issues with my cars tires ever since diana and i drove down to see my brother in missouri. most of the way my car kept telling me to check the tire pressure. i did, and filled them at a gas station, but the warning kept coming up. on the way home the problem became much worse- the car itself started to shimy when i would go slowly, but at higher speeds it would drive normally. when we finally got home i knew that the tires might give out soon.
but of course there was more trouble: the front tire on dianas car had gone down and looked flat! we took it to the gas station and filled it with air, but diana didnt feel comfortable taking her car back home. so i let her drive mine, and just our luck, the front tire went out on her way home! i brought her car in the next day and it was fine, but now she had to get a new tire for my car! argh. i called my mom and she ordered 4 new tires for my car. thursday i was finally able to go up there and get them put on. it was really funny to see- all four wheels were taken off at the same time, so it looked like it was floating!

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