fun with crayons

last weekend diana and i were coming back to her place from dinner and were trying to think of something to do. we couldnt think of anything fun. so, on a whim i offered up the suggestion that we could stop at the drug store and get crayons and coloring books. she loved the idea! in fact, she actually had some already at home!
so when we got back we cleared off the dinning room table, pulled out the crayons, and got to work. we put on some good background music (some good 90s stuff like wallflowers and counting crows). her sister has this game called loaded questions that has a bunch of cards with random questions on them. weve played as a group before, but i thought it might be fun to ask each other questions as we colored. so we did, and it was a blast! it was a really cool opportunity to just chill out, be artistic, and get to know a little more about each other. i think we may make this into a regular thing. although, next time i want a batman coloring book...

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Anonymous said...

Mark & Diana - that sounds like too much fun!! I bet Diana didn't know that her future mother-in-law loves to color too!!! I have a few EXTRA large coloring books myself. I have graduated to colored pencils though :)

Love you both, Mom