friday knight

in anticipation of diana and i going up to grand rapids this weekend i took friday night off work and was planning on driving over to pick up diana after she got out of work at 5. but she had some problems with her contacts at work and had to leave to go to an eye doctor. all it well, she got an eye exam while she was there, and got done with that around 11. she didnt go back to work, so i headed over there immediately!
we got to take our time heading up to grand rapids, which was nice. after hanging out for a bit we brought her dog poco over to her dads house so he could watch him this weekend, and then we headed up. when we arrived we went straight to jeffry lees. we went with him and rex to go see 'dark knight' (reviewed here). after the movie we walked over to fridays and chilled for a couple hours. it was really fun to spend time with the guys again. each time we go up they get more comfortable with diana, and she gets to know them better. she has started to take a liking to them, which is a good thing, cause they are a big part of my life.

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