birthday fun

later in the afternoon on saturday dianas parents came to visit. my parents had gone down to meet them a couple weeks ago, and it was time for them to return the invite! her mom, step dad, and dad arrived around 5:00 after only getting slightly lost... when they arrived we all had dinner together. tim, jill, and the kids were there as well. it was a big group, and a ton of fun! we even got a surprise call from chad! everyone got along smashingly. the food was great, and my mom even made me my favorites: deviled eggs and for desert blueberry crisp!!! ah, she spoils me so much!
after dinner i opened my birthday prizes. among the gifts was a photo printer from diana! cool! now we wont have to go to cvs whenever we want to print out our pictures.
when all that was out of the way we went for a cart ride around sandy pines to show her parents the park. they were rather impressed. we took them around and even showed them the place where i proposed to diana. it was really great, and when 9:00 rolled around and they had to get going it felt like it was too soon! we had such a great time just chatting and seeing the sights that the time just flew by! they had a great time and we look forward to planning another time to see each other as a big group.
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Anonymous said...

We had a great time with Diana's fam - hope they did too!