goodbye matty!

for the past four years matt and i have worked together. he teaches gym class for kids k-8, and his office is right across from my classroom. we became pretty good friends, partly because as guys teaching in a school we were in the minority and needed to stick together!
several months ago he made the decision that he was going to be leaving our school. he felt Gods calling for him to move on and instead work for a non-profit organization called hearts to honduras. his dad is involved in the program as well and matt when to honduras with them a couple years ago and his interest in it has been growing ever since. he will be helping to create and organize a camp down in honduras for youth groups and families to come down to and do some service projects.
the only problem with this job change is that it also includes a location change. he and his family are moving down to dayton ohio. which they are excited about, but im really going to miss him! they sold their house and are moving down there this coming week so i went over there friday morning and we went out for breakfast. its sad to see him go, and ill miss all of our exciting sports talks!
i wish him the best of luck, and encourage everybody to check out the hearts to honduras program and donate!

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